American Family Association


Vimeo disables second account of pro-family nonprofit after deleting its video about how the media has been ignoring Ivermectin as a possible viable treatment for COVID-19: American Family Association (AFA) is a nonprofit focused on pro-family issues that says it's been "on the front lines of America’s culture war" since its founding in 1977. Vimeo, a video sharing platform, disabled AFA's account following the channel's posting of a video about the media's lack of coverage around Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19. Vimeo did not specify what violation of its terms occurred, but said in its notice to AFA about the removal of the video that Vimeo does not "permit content that makes false or misleading claims about (1) vaccination safety, or (2) health-related information that has a serious potential to cause public harm." The video is still available on YouTube. AFA Director Austin Brooks told MRC Free Speech America in an email that this wasn't the first time Vimeo has disabled AFA's account. "The first time they shut us down was because we were listed on the SPLC 'hate list.'  They didn’t even cite a specific reason based on our content," Brooks said. He added that AFA doesn't use Vimeo for much more than file sharing anymore since it gets censored so frequently on the platform. Due to this, AFA will not be filing an appeal, according to Brooks.