Brandon Straka


Instagram post from Walk Away campaign founder Brandon Straka hit with fact-check for 'missing context': Straka posted a screenshot to Instagram of one of his tweets referring to a recent video that has surfaced shedding light on possible voter fraud in Georgia. The tweet read: "I think I’ll tell everybody to go home because we’re done working until 8am, wait until everybody has left, then pull out my secret suitcases full of ballots from under a clothed table & start feverishly scanning for 2+ hours at 1am w my friends. I mean, what’s weird about that?" Facebook fact-checker Lead Stories then swooped in to inform everyone that the claim was "missing context" and "could mislead people." Straka then followed up on Twitter saying, "Instagram thought that my post was 'missing context'. I apologize. Allow me to elaborate. I was talking about the lying, thieving, soulless, moral-less, scumbag Democrat ballot counters in GA who have tried to steal our election by committing fraud bc of their irrational hatred."