Twitter user from San Francisco who documents homelessness suspended for having a picture of the homeless as his profile image, Forced to delete picture: Citizenj17, a Twitter user whose bio says he is "Here to show you the real unclean, unsafe streets," of the Tenderloin District in San Francisco, was temporarily locked out of his account by Twitter until he removed an image of homeless people passed out in the streets from his profile image. "Twitter police found that the picture below on my profile was offensive. Yet @LondonBreed @MattHaneySF have no qualms about children and people seeing this and worse everyday in the Tenderloin," tweeted Citizenj17 alongside screenshots of the image, as well as the notice of his suspension he received from Twitter. The notice indicated to Citizenj17 that his image "violated [Twitter's] rules against graphic violence or adult content in profile images." When accounts are locked, they are forced to delete whatever content led to their suspension, and sometimes incur an additional temporary timeout, but are eventually returned to full functionality where they can tweet, retweet, comment and "like" on the platform once again.