Criticism of Joe Biden


Instagram prompts users not to post criticism of Joe Biden: Conservative author, filmmaker and commentator Mike Cernovich noticed that Instagram was flagging and prompting users not to post certain criticisms of Joe Biden on his verified POTUS account. Specifically, Cernovich noticed the word "loser" would not post without a notification appearing, which prompted users to return to their comment and change it. This was verified by the Media Research Center, which found out Instagram was also flagging and prompting users not to include words like "idiot" in their comments. However, after multiple attempts to comment on the POTUS account's posts, using words like "idiot" and "loser" contained within them and clicking through Instagram's prompts, the criticisms eventually did post. Included in the warning from Instagram was an explanation that the platform was "flagging comments that may be considered inappropriate or disrespectful." The Media Research also verified this same flagging is occurring on comments posted to Joe Biden's second account as well.