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YouTube removes video of Trump keynote address: YouTube removed the Faith & Freedom Coalition's video of Donald Trump's keynote address at the Road to Majority 2022 conference. The video allegedly violated the platform's "misinformation policy," according to a screenshot shared by the organization. "We believe this is unmerited censorship," the organization tweeted, "Disagreement does not equate to disinformation." The Faith & Freedom Coalition appealed YouTube's decision. The platform rejected the appeal. When asked for comment, YouTube told CensorTrack that it removed the video for "violating out election integrity policy, which prohibits content that advances false claims that widespread fraud changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, such as claiming that the election was rigged or stolen. Our policies apply to everyone, regardless of the uploader’s political views, and while we do allow content that provides additional context such as countervailing views, the content we removed from this channel was footage that did not provide sufficient context."