ilDonaldo Trumpo


Donald Trump parody account suspended from Twitter: ilDonaldo Trumpo, a parody account on Twitter, has been suspended. "Me look like el Presidento, but me no him, señor twittero Jack and his no-hug twitter niños," read the account's bio. "I mucho different with glorioso moustachio. Please no ban me again." At the time of its removal, ilDonaldo Trumpo held over 163,000 followers. The account was reportedly removed after it authored the following comment in response to a tweet from Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY): "You joined December 2009. I joined 3 months ago. Compare our Amigo Follower counts. NOBODY WANTS YOU. You really think your daddy can keep forcing you down our throats by scaring spineless republican politicians? WE WILL VOTE THEM OUT OF THE PARTY TOO. THEN WHAT??? LEAVE. NOW." There has been no indication as to whether Twitter told the account owner which policy their tweet violated.