Jeff Dornik


Twitter suspends podcaster Jeff Dornik's account after he allegedly commented on the COVID-19 vaccines: Twitter suspended the account of podcaster and Freedom First Network co-founder Jeff Dornik, after he allegedly called the COVID-19 vaccines "experimental drugs." Dornik reportedly sent The DC Patriot screenshots of the removal notification he received, and he posted The DC Patriot's article through his verified GETTR account. According to the purported screenshots Dornik tweeted, his offending tweet read: "the COVID-19 Vaccines are nothing more than experimental drugs that have not gone through proper testing and studies. In fact, the American people as a whole are the test subjects... and the CDC is not being honest as to the results... ." The same purported screenshot shows that Twitter suspended Dornik's account "specifically for Violating [Twitter's] rules on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19." It is unclear how long the suspension will last.