Lauren Witzke


Facebook censors user for posting, rebuking, article calling her "White Trash": Lauren Witzke, spokeswoman for Hold The Line PAC, was denigrated by a Democrat blog, and she got in trouble with Facebook for rebuking them. The "Blue Delaware" blog write an article about Witzke titled "This is what White Trash looks like." Witzke posted the article to her personal Facebook page, with a note that said: "Never forget: Democrats hate working-class Whites, and are the real racists." It is unclear whether Facebook objected to the article, or to Witzke's reaction to it, but they deemed her post to be "hate speech" and suspended her account over it. After appealing the decision, Facebook upheld its determination, and included a "Facebook Oversight Board Reference ID" to back up its refusal to overturn the suspension.