Matt Orfalea


YouTube removes private clips of a video but not the full publicly published video: Matt Orfalea, a self-described "[i]ndependent video creator, documentary producer, journalist" wrote a Medium article detailing his censorship experience with YouTube. He made a video compilation of doctors, congressman, and media personalities speaking on Ivermectin, COVID-19 treatments, and COVID-19 vaccines. He reported that YouTube gave him a warning and removed three clips that he published privately for video editing purposes. Orfalea said that after he received a warning, he deleted all of the uploaded clips in order to avoid more YouTube censorship. The platform reportedly gave him a strike the next morning for one of the already deleted videos. According to Orfalea's screenshots, the clips and the full-length video were published on the same day but the platform has not yet removed the full-length video which the clips ultimately formed. His strike infraction restricted his account and prevented him from uploading videos or livestreaming for one week. YouTube's community standards allow for three strikes after the warning strike within a 90 day period before removing the channel from the platform entirely.