Melanie Joseph


Mother who had son taken from her by judge for not wearing a mask in public gets her fundraiser banned by payment processor Stripe: Melanie Joseph lost custody rights of her 14-year-old son after a Florida judge deemed her an incompetent parent for being "anti-mask." The judge deduced Joseph was a COVID denier after the father of Joseph's son gave a photo to the judge that Joseph posted on social media of herself maskless in a dental surgery office. "The reason your client poses a danger to the child…first of all, her credibility is very low. I don’t believe a lot of what she testified to. She’s one of these anti-mask people and she’s got the audacity to put that on social media,” the Judge said according to Reclaim the Net. After roughly a year of fighting with the courts to see her son, Joseph put together a fundraiser on the Christian donation platform GiveSendGo, "so that Melanie Joseph could raise the money needed to fight back," reported the Gateway Pundit. However, it turned out that the payment processor Stripe, which enables GiveSendGo to process payments, refused to allow Joseph to use their services. "After reviewing your information and website your business presents a level of risk for customer disputes that we will be unable to support," Stripe said in a notice sent to Joseph. "Due to the high level of risk on your account, we are ending service effective immediately." Stripe also put a 120 day hold on the $125 Joseph had already received before the payment processor shut her down. Stripe stated that because of the "elevated risk" of Joseph's account they had to keep the two donations amounting to $125 to "cover any disputes or refunds on your account." Stripe indicated the remaining balance of funds would be sent to Joseph's bank account at the end of the 120 days.