Paul Saladino, MD


Instagram threatens to delete account of self-described expert on the science and application of the carnivore diet after he posts about COVID-19: Paul Saladino, MD, hosts a health-focused podcast and shares tons of health related information to his followers, but Instagram is now threatening to delete his account over his posts discussing COVID-19. "Instagram might just delete my account so I better apologize to Emperor Zuckerberg...," Saladino said in a post including a screenshot of the notice he received from Instagram. "For what? I’m not really sure. It looks like the internet tyrants, sorry I mean gods, at Instagram didn’t like something I said about COVID so I must beseech the powers that be for forgiveness..." One of the posts that Instagram pointed to in its notice to Saladino as violating its community guidelines discussed how Vitamin-D deficiency may be a contributor to many COVID-19 deaths: "Vitamin D insufficiency- an easily correctable indicator of metabolic dysfunction-may account for the majority of COVID-19 deaths and yet the mainstream messaging remains fear-based and hysteria promoting. Surprised?"