Rashmi Samant


First Indian female president-elect of Oxford University's Student Council suspended from Twitter, has all of her followers wiped and then upon returning was restricted a second time: Rashmi Samant, who was forced to resign as Oxford University's first ever Indian female president-elect over old social media posts deemed to be racist, had her Twitter account suspended and all of its followers wiped. "When I thought I could not be humiliated even more, my [Twitter] account was suspended," Samant tweeted. "Restored after 36 hours with zero followers. Freedom of Speech?" Shortly after her return Samant's account was then restricted, blocking her from using the full functionality of her account. "Twitter went a step ahead to re-restrict my account overnight after being returned to me," she tweeted. The battle wages on over both Oxford's and Twitter's decisions to punish Samant over posts she curated as a teenager.