Right Side Broadcasting Network


Right Side Broadcasting Network suspended from YouTube for two weeks: The right-wing digital media outlet Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) was reportedly suspended from Google-owned YouTube for two weeks after it uploaded a video of former-President Donald Trump's speech at CPAC 2021. "The video was approaching 4 million views. They have also removed it from their platform," tweeted RSBN, adding that YouTube removed the video for violating its guidelines on election misinformation. In an email to MRC's TechWatch Google's press team said that it enforces its community guidelines "consistently, regardless of speaker or political leaning." Yet, those guidelines aren't set up to be fair whether YouTube enforces them consistently, or not. In the statement YouTube added that the video got removed for violating its "presidential election integrity policy, which prohibits content uploaded after the safe harbor deadline ... ." Dec. 8, 2020, was the left's arbitrary deadline for the election results, claiming state's had given out and locked in their final election results. States electors didn't cast their votes until Dec. 14. For YouTube it was a deadline from which it would no longer allow any content criticizing, or challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election. The platform confirmed the video's deletion and concluded its response by indicating that footage from CPAC 2021 that does not violate its policies, or contains sufficient educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic context, is allowed.