Sean Parnell


Google shadow bans search results for Republican Senate candidate's website: Sean Parnell, a Republican candidate running for Pennsylvania's open U.S. Senate seat, has had the Google search results for his official campaign website suppressed, dramatically. Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) first noticed the shadowbanning and alerted the twitterverse to his findings. "A great veteran @SeanParnellUSA is running for U.S. Senate in PA. So I Googled 'Sean Parnell Senate' for his website. Nothing. Tried 'Sean Parnell for Senate Pennsylvania Website.' Still nothing. Tried it on DuckDuckGo. Very first Result. What's up with that, @Google?" Upon Free Speech America's own investigation, it did appear that any variation of "Sean Parnell Senate Pennsylvania" did not produce a result for Parnell's website until at least the third page of Google's search results. However, Issa did get one part wrong. If you add the word "website" to any variation of "Sean Parnell," Google produces Parnell's official website on the first page, and sometimes as the first result. Nonetheless, this instance contributes evidence to the possibility that Google is maintaining manually curated blacklists to push Republicans and their news further away from the top of its search results.