Steven Crowder


Popular conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder was temporarily suspended from Twitter over tweets promoting investigation he and his team conducted which Crowder says proves tons of people voted from addresses that do not exist: Conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder was temporarily suspended from Twitter after he promoted a special-investigation from him and his team which Crowder says uncovered "VERIFIABLE evidence of voter fraud." Crowder did not make any sweeping claims about widespread voter fraud, but rather put forward evidence that he says demonstrably proves people on the voter rolls — which he and his team observed — voted from addresses that do not exist. "No, this is not yet another video 'claiming election fraud'," Crowder wrote in an email according to Red State. "This is a video in which, I PHYSICALLY VISITED AND SHOWED ON CAMERA (WITH A COPY OF THIS WEEK’S NEWSPAPER) voting addresses from this 2020 election, which in fact DO NOT exist." Crowder said that he believes so strongly in the evidence he and his team found that he would be willing to testify under oath and the threat of perjury. Twitter did not indicate in its notice of suspension sent to Crowder exactly which Twitter rule he had violated. Typically, in order to regain access to one's account following a suspension, the user must delete the tweets in question. However, it appears Twitter did not force Crowder to do so in this instance but instead placed civic integrity warning labels to his three tweets. "I can confirm to you that people voted from addresses that do not exist," Crowder said in one of the tweets given a warning label. "I do have to, unfortunately, hold ourselves to the standard of doing our due diligence and only confirming what we've seen with our own eyes," Crowder said in a short one minute video contained within that same tweet. "Let's contrast that with the left. What does the New York Times have to say, what does MSNBC have to say? 'No evidence of voter fraud.' Oh, really? Have you looked through the voter listings, have you gone to these addresses? There's no burden of proof on them. there's no requirement of any effort. So, we really are held to a different standard."