Tommy TJ Sotomayor


Twitter reportedly censors popular conservative commentator over the listening room that he hosted: Tommy 'TJ' Sotomayor, a popular political commentator and documentary filmmaker, hosted a Twitter Room that Colin Wright, managing editor of Quillette, described as being about "gender ideology and trans issues." Wright said in a tweet about the incident that the room at one point reached as many as 16,000 listeners. Wright further stated that "Everyone on stage, including [himself], got bombarded with death threats in [their] DMs." In a reply tweet, he included screenshots of some of the threats that he had received to corroborate this claim. However, he continued in his tweet, saying that Sotomayor received a censorship notice from Twitter, a reported screenshot of which was attached to Wright's tweet. According to the reported screenshot, Sotomayor's account was restricted to a read-only mode for violating Twitter's "rules against hateful conduct." It is also unclear what exactly led to this result, as the notice does not mention what specifically broke its rules. It may have been hosting such a Room at all, or something specific that he or another speaker said, but there is no way to know. From a review of his Twitter feed, it appears that his account was restricted for approximately 12 hours, as he was back to tweeting the morning after the Room was held.