Voices and Votes


Twitter suspends group of state election audit accounts claiming "platform manipulation and spam": On the first day of the Democrat Congressional hearings on the January 6 riot, Twitter cracked down on a host of accounts that were reporting details about various forensic audit efforts of election results in a few states. The Voices and Votes account was run by the nonprofit of the same name, launched by One America News (OAN) reporters Christina Bobb and Chanel Rion. Bobb, a lawyer and former Marine JAG, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the organization that has been raising funds for the Arizona audit and pushing to launch audits in other states. Rion acts as the foundation's Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). When reached for comment by BuzzFeed News, Twitter reportedly confirmed that "the account's suspension is also permanent and resulted from violating its rules on platform manipulation and spam." This is typically a reference to multiple accounts being run by one person and/or accounts using artificial means to boost followers, though not always.