Wybren van Haga


Dutch MP loses LinkedIn account purportedly over his sharing of so-called COVID-19 misinformation: Wybren van Haga, a member of parliament in the Netherlands, was removed from LinkedIn for purportedly violating the platform's rules against so-called misinformation regarding COVID-19. In a tweet, van Haga said that an update from LinkedIn said the removal of his account was due to false COVID-19 content distribution. The Dutch MP said it was his statements that masks don't work, attributed to The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment; that the infection fatality ratio is set at 0.23%, attributed to the World Health Organization (WHO); and a statement of his opinion that "The corona measures are not proportional," that together got him removed from the platform. LinkedIn's policy, much like other tech platforms and companies, states that "information contradicting guidance from leading global health organizations and public health authorities is also not allowed on the platform."